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Friday, November 30, 2012

Pre-Day 3 – I'm Still Waiting Wait – T’ain’t Here Yet!

Good Day,

The Pack has been walked and fed. Anyone observing from a short distance must think of me as completely insane. The minis trot head and Taylor, our Chocolate always pulls up the rear. Consistently Radar and Max veer to the left and to the right chasing every, and anything that each can grab in his mouth.

Tinker, the smallest bounces from side to side, trying to fit somewhere between the three bigger ones. Bella’s forever forging on ahead. Five leashes braided completely by the time we return to the house for feeding time. And Taylor still pulling up from the rear.

A number of boxes were delivered to Interlake Drive yesterday – US Postal Service; FedEx and UPS… but that which I am waiting for was not included in the stash. Two parts arrived, but I certainly can’t get anywhere with those two pieces.

Did you know that there are a number of streets in the United States of America that are almost the same address as my own?



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