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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 407 – (AD 837) – 22.5 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

First things first, I checked my biorhythms for today May 14, 2015.   And I almost did not get on my Schwinn 170.

And I puttered around a bit.  I even started cleaning some windows.  But the "I need to feeling" sort of crept in.  I got on my Schwinn 170 and I pedaled 22.5 miles.  My totals now stand at - 17,452.7 miles; 27,087.5 kilometers.

If I harkened to some strong adherents in the study of biorhythms I would have not even ventured on to my Schwinn 170... Check out the red curve on the above chart.  And I did.

This morning I reached the location at 44467 Bruce Highway.  I am headed in a southeasterly direction.  Now I have 278 more miles to my next destination and goal point.  Overall I have now completed 84.19% of my Jim's Trek III original target

And the circus is becoming more than a three-ring side show. "He's putting off any announcement as long as possible to reap the financial benefits of how campaign finance law is currently interpreted," according to Leigh Ann Caldwell of NBC News (Why Jeb Bush's 'Running For President' Slip Matters).  So we the American electorate want to consider a candidate who thinks s/he can push the limits of the law?  Hell, I'm just asking. 

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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