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Friday, August 3, 2018

Days 469 & 470 – (AD 1,629) – 23.8 + 23.7 Miles –Jim’s Trek Part V – Mars on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Yesterday I pedaled 23.8 miles on my Schwinn 170. This morning I cycled 23.7 miles. Totals are now 35,154.1 miles; 56,575.1 kilometers.

I am now located at 36.66%% to my new destination, Eumenides Dorsum.

And then I quickly drive, by car to my Cardiologist for my 6-month check-up.

He was extremely pleased that my cholesterol levels had reduced considerably. And he was even more impressed that my triglyceride levels had also reduced from in the high 300s to just about 130 milligrams.

Don’t know what I’ve caused the changes, excepting cycling and sort of eating well, but his congratulatory advice was to “keep up whatever you are doing.” Something to think about –

Something to think about -

Yes #45 attempted to make his presence known in Florida and Pennsylvania. Did we hear whether he had anything worthy to offer? It was like hearing an itinerant carpetbagger at obtuse pep rallies.

I am hoping that this is not typical of the aged and blue hair voter in the Tampa Bay area. As I am in that age bracket I am hoping that I will never, ever come to that point where I feel that I am so, so entitled. I am also shocked to see how this current administration has allowed and encouraged such a "tarnished wave", including QAnon crawl from under their rocks and hiding places.

Oh, and by the way, what is QAnon?

Hell, if I know. According to the entry in Wikipedia it “refers to a conspiracy theory centered on Q…

“QAnon’s posting campaign has a history of false, baseless and unsubstantiated claims.”

For what it is worth, as I said above, they appear to have crawled out from under their rocks.

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Our Cranes Quilts Update -

Andy and I are amazed at Marijke van Welzen's work on the Cranes Coat.

Marijke and her husband just delivered the Coat.

Andy Brunhammer and I created the Crane blocks, sent them to Marijke in the Netherlands where she created this magnificent coat.

We are enthralled with her work.

It will be included as part of our “Hope – Cranes Project” presentation and display in early 2019.

Got to find a mannequin for the Cranes Coat's display.

Here are some preliminary images.

First step for our Cranes Quilt 12.40, the outline quilting has begun. The quilting design has been drafted. Something different.

Each Crane block in Cranes Quilt is a 4-inch block.

This is the 6th quilt of the Orange Set.

Check out our write-up at Quilts SB - http://quiltsb.blogspot.com/

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