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Friday, June 21, 2019

Days 16 - 21 (AD 1840) – 141.9 Miles on My Schwinn 170 in South Africa

Good Day,

Well I guess it was bound to happen after about 25,000 miles on my Schwinn 170. I have pedaled 40,291.9 miles on 2 Schwinn Fitness cycles.

My clues that there must be something wrong and/or broken with the electronic portion of the “gears” of my Schwinn 170 are:

1. I am no longer sweating over the 60 minutes that I pedal each session, 5-times a week.

2. There appears to be no response any longer when I try to adjust the resistance programs of my Schwinn 170.

3. There may be possible effect which may tie to the increase in my diabetes blood sugar count. Just a guess. It appears that when I was exercising and sweating my blood sugar numbers were kept under control. Again, just a guess, but a coincidental comparison.

It looks like I will need a new Fitness Cycle to complete the remaining 9,708.1 miles.

Over the last 6 pedaling days I cycled 141.9 miles. I am now on my 1,840th day of pedaling my Schwinn Fitness Cycle.

Here is a small collection of images, from Google Maps, of my stops along my Trek in South Africa.

Day 16 – Garden Route Wolf Sanctuary

Day 16 - Garden Route World Sanctuary

Day 17

Day 18

Day 19 - Suspension Bridge

Day 19

Day 20

Day 21 - Passing through Jeffries Bay

Day 21

Something to think about -

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Technologically adrift with the gossip-mongers, with a insistent and and assumed veiled incognito hankering to announce just who is more dumber than dumb.

Quilts SB Update -

We have completed the 1st Strip for our new Rainbow Freedom Quilt. We hope to have at least 8 possibly 10 in the construction of our new design.

The strip is about 70" long and each pieced block is 3/4-inch square.

Our TWO-MEN Quilt Fabric Art Exhibition continues through the June 25th at the Mirella Cimato Art Gallery at 2145 1st Ave S, St. Petersburg. Check it out.

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