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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Days 9 & 10 (AD 1829) – 50.8 miles Cycled on my Schwinn 170 – I Have Now Topped 40,000 Miles

Good Day,

On Monday and Tuesday, I pedaled 50.8 miles on my Schwinn 170. As Grandpa is taking care of 2 grandsons for the next 2 days, I figure my cardio exercise will be taken care of.

To date in South Africa I have pedaled a total of 243.6 miles. Overall on this planet, Mars, and Africa, my total mileage is now 40,025.9. Only 9,974.1 more miles to go.

Something to think about –

Our Orenda Coffee Machine Down-Date

This morning we decided to retire our Orenda Coffee Machine.

After 450 cups of coffee, at 96¢ a cup, it appears that the Orenda Coffee company may have pulled some real snafu.

1st, the Orenda application stopped working. I am now longer able to control the Coffee Machine from my iPhone. When I tried to reboot the app, I was informed that my account no longer existed. I contacted, via email, the Orenda company.

2nd, I received no reply or response.

On June 2nd, yesterday I received an email from Orenda.

"Orenda Follow-up Update #2.

(I'm still waiting for #1.)

Hi Jim,

Hope this update finds you well.

(What a crock!)

To solve all the problems that we have discussed for everyone, it's necessary for us to complete the fundraising process.

(This translates to the fact that they cannot keep up with production requests.)

We met many investors who suggested that we start anew without honoring the promise of refunds.

(I never asked for a refund once I received our Orenda Coffee machine.)

It would have been easier to say, but that would defeat the purpose.

(What purpose?)

We have learned a lot and will continue to focus on making right."

(What a bunch of unmitigated BS.)

La, de, da, de, da, de, da...

This morning we started using our new Mr. Coffee One-Touch Machine.

Damn, the 1st Latte was good and hot!

#Orenda #MrCoffee

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