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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Jim's Trek - Merry Christmas and Bah Hum-Coffee

Merry Christmas,

And it is time for another tale from the BS Coffee Saga.

This Christmas Morning, bright and early, with all gifts wrapped and food-stuffs readied, I felt it was time to settle down for a pleasant cup of coffee from my infamous Orenda Coffee Machine.

"Yes please", I hear through the darkness, as AB slowly gets out of bed.

# 148 coming right up, I answer instead.

Everything set, beans, water, filter, and cup in place, I search for my IPhone to query the Orenda App space. The Internet is working and the wireless connections sets off. The grinder, not that one, the Orenda one does it thing and it whirs, and burrs and crusheds the beans. A fantastic aroma of fresh new coffee grounds fill the Christmas, albeit Florida, air.

The Orenda begins its dances. It splishes and splashes, and the stream of Over-Brew hot water cascades over fresh gems of coffee grounds.

# 148 done. Come and get it.

Okay, done, now #149.

The beans get ground, the hot H2O has sprung, with a whir and a buzz, the gleaming and shiny Orenda Coffee Machine comes to a sputtering stop.

Bloody hell, not again, I says to myself, but I do know how to manage and clean this non-friendly consumer contraption.

30 minutes, and I keep the coffee ground cloud to a minimum, I unscrew this piece, and pull out that one. I clean and I rotate, I spic-and-span the counter. I bloody well make sure I do not lose the 2 minute screws.

I've cleaned, and I struggled, and the Orenda is steady, but what to expect but no cup of jo is ready.

The hot brewed water is now no longer spritzing into the waiting of the cup's mouth below. Damn, double damn, I wish it t'weren't so.

I am puzzled. No instruction explanation, but I notice a tab right where the brewed water should pass. I pull and the piece extracts with a jerk. Aha I think, this passage needs work.

Yes, the trial works and now on to cups # 150 and # 151. That's $2.87 a cup.

And as I wish you all Season's Greetings, remember to note that Santa is thinkin'. No longer a chunk of coal for those ne'er do well, but an Orenda Coffee Machine, that can go to hell!!!

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