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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Day 5 + 3 – (AD 1,167) – 19.7 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – 24,999.4 Miles On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Today I cycled another 19.7 miles on my Schwinn 170. My totals: 24,999.4 miles; 40,232.7 kilometers. And do you think I could have gone the extra 0.6 miles? Hell, I did my 60 minutes.

I have now completed 97.8 miles on my Schwinn Fitness cycle on the surface of Mars. My early morning blood sugar registered at 101 mg/dL and I am now heading into my 3rd year without taking any medications for my diabetes.

I want to say only in Florida…

Wonder if she mowed down any of the flamingos in the yard?

I’m not against prayer. I’m not against meditation. Where anyone decides to pray and/or meditate should be his/her own private space and place. But it does become somewhat of a tenuous distraction when one is trying to commune with some supreme being, with eyes shut tight, while driving a moving vehicle. And of course only in Florida, way up yonder in the Panhandle area in Okaloosa County a “Woman who was driving while praying with her eyes closed hits house” NWFDailyNews.com, July 11, 2016.

T’weren’t any back seat driver… Wonder if she mowed down any of the flamingos in the yard?

Soapbox –

I know that this is the tawdry season that we wish would have happened and get over and done by yesterday – our sub-glorious election campaign season. We still have a number of weeks to go. Too, too many nights and days of inane campaign ads and mantras...

I truly do not care for whom you are supporting. I do not care for whom you are voting for, as long as you vote. Put your check mark, your filled in circle, your x-mark is your business.

I will respect whoever gets democratically elected to the positions that the majority will elect to office. Get this. I will respect the office. I will respect the individual who moves in for the scheduled time allotted.

But I will not respect any individual on any form of social media who deems it necessary to belittle and berate the current and (possibly) out-going incumbents. I will not stoop to the ignorant rants and unintelligent posts by anyone that I have chosen to friend on any form of social media. Whether I like or dislike the politician I will not disrespect the office. I will block anyone from posting his or her vile thoughts. Period. I will not have any time for you. Period.

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