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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Day 254 – (AD 1,159) – 23.2 Miles – Jim's Trek Part IV – Laussane, Switzerland On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

I have not cycled for the past 5 days, and with only 3 days remaining you would have to figure that something really stopped me from getting on my Schwinn Fitness cycle.

Yes something did. It was a bloody drastic bout of a sinus infection that kept me coughing and hacking almost all hours around the clock. And today I still have four more days on the antibiotics but I did give in to my feelings of remorse that I had not got on my Schwinn 170.

So here goes.  And I did.

And now I only have 2 pedaling days remaining.

This morning I pedaled 23.2 miles, (hack, hack, sputter, hack), on my Schwinn 170. My totals are now at 24,851.9 miles; 39,995.3 kilometers.

This morning I began the virtual part of my journey at Les Troncs, 1083 Mézières, Switzerland. I continued on my trek through my next destination and goal point of Laussane and I am now located to the west at Route Suisse 5, 1165 Allaman, Switzerland.

Soapbox –

I am a registered Democrat. I am a moderate Democrat. I always vote. And I do not vote along the party lines. I vote for the politician; it is not a matter of which side of the aisle that politician chooses to represent. I vote for politicians that I hope that I can rely on to not be hypocritical… and concerning politicians I am not sure whether I can count that number on my one hand, right or left. (Yes, I am ambidextrous.)

My logical choice was not to vote for Pamela Jo “Pam” Bondi as Attorney General of Florida.

I will stand and I will definitely voice my irritation at politicians who are hypocritical. And today’s choice is, as has been in the past, Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi. Ms. Bondi speaks from both sides of her mouth and is a deviant in her role as an elected official. She is of the same mold (and in this case I would attribute this word to the definition of slime and fungus) as Ronda Storms, Michelle Bachmann, and Sarah Palin.

I can only hope that the electorate, whatever her future intentions are, wake up to the degrees of ambiguity and opacity that she has mastered as one hypocritical and contemptible politician.

I have to admit, I like vodka… I am not a connoisseur, but some brands definitely leave an unpleasant after-taste in my mouth.

My morning’s read from Fast Company – “Meet The Man Who Designed Trump’s Vodka Bottle of “Envy and Status”.

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Have a healthy day and smile,


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