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Monday, January 7, 2019

Days 579 & 580 – (AD 1,739) – 23.8 + 23.7 Miles –Jim’s Trek Part V – Mars on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

I pedaled 23.7 miles this morning on my Schwinn 170. On Saturday I cycled 23.8 miles. Totals are now 37,759.1 miles; 60,767.5 kilometers.

After I reached my goal destination at Ascraeus Mons. I continued on for another 133.03 miles. As I am still waiting for the return of my desktop. My Jim’s Trek Mars file is in my desktop database. Once returned I will be able to plot the continuation of my Trek on Mars..

Only 442.5 miles remaining in Jim’s Trek.

Something to think and make sure to do something about –

Reading -

The Guardian’s article “The seven ages of an artist”, interview with Laura Cumming, 15 November 2015.

“The old adage that those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach, has never applied to artists, nearly all of whom teach at some stage to feed their dependents. I remember my father, James Cumming, literally running upstairs to his easel after a day’s teaching to paint right through the night; money and time were so tight.”  

Jim’s Gotta Eat – https://jimsgottaeat.blogspot.com/

Supper a couple of nights ago was an Instant Pot Vegan Vegetable and Barley Soup.

Definitely a very good pass.

Supper last night, a pass.

Black-eyed Pea and Rice Loaf smothered with Shrimp in a White Sauce, and a Vivid Salad.

Dessert, an adjustment on a Betty Crocker Muffin mix - Mini Cinnamon Strudel.  

And here’s a great new half-no-knead bread, for me - Sourdough Sunflower Seed Artisan.

Quilting – https://quiltsb.blogspot.com/

Our Cranes Quilts Update -

Our Hope Project setup date is scheduled for January 10. We will be sharing an Artists’ Reception between 1-5pm at the UUC Octagon Arts Center on Saturday, January 12 in Clearwater.

Genealogy – https://agenealogyhunt.blogspot.com/

This is my 1,768th post. Per Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this writing, 215,249 Pageviews.

I welcome comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact, email me at Jim’s Trek. (This link is my email address - jsmith58a@gmail.com.)

Have a healthy day and smile,


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