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Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 16+12 – (AD 1,178) – 20.0 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – 1st Destination on Mars On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 20.0 miles on my Schwinn 170. Jim’s Trek totals: 25,216.3 miles; 40,581.8 kilometers.

Today I made it to my 1st destination and goal point on Mars, Charleston Crater.

Okay I’m learning. I’ve had to change the arrow of the location and the direction that I have been traveling, virtually of course, on my Schwinn 170 trek on Mars. I was wrong about the location of Chryse Planitia where I began. Yes according to WolframAlpha I did cycle the 300 miles from Chryse Planitia to the Charleston Crater. Somehow I got my wires crossed and I thought Chryse Planitia was southwest of the Charleston Crater. In actual fact it is to the north east. Definitely, I’ve got to go back to the books.

Truth be told, I have now cycled 314.7 miles on Mars. That part is the virtual real part, the 314.7 miles. The screwed up part is my direction and locations. I thought that I had read somewhere that Chryse Planitia and the Viking 1 Lander site were one and the same. Nope…

I have corrected them. Check out the new and corrected image.

I did reach the Charleston Crater today. And I do like the adjustment to my mistake, (if I am correct); it does look like I have covered a lot more ground.

And here is where my past, past life in geometry and trigonometry kicks in. Point A is Chryse Planitia, B is Charleston Crater, and C is Kingston Crater (my next chosen goal point and destination). Based on WolframAlpha the distance from A to B is 300 miles and the distance from A to C is 290 miles. What is the distance from B – Charleston Crater to C – Kingston Crater?

I can connect Point A to Point B, and I can connect Point A to Point C. If the angle made a A by A/B and A/C is a right angle then I could use the formula a2 + b2 = c2. But I do not think that the junction makes a right angle. If I could calculate the angle created by lines A to B and A to C then I could use the formula for a scalene or isosceles triangle. That formula is a2 + b2 – 2ab cos c = c2.

So do I guess? And the days of having a protractor readily available are long time gone.

Well guess I’m going to do it by sight. Hell this is my virtual world, and I can do whatever sort of makes sense to me.

I know the distance from Chryse Planitia and Charleston Crater, according to WolframAlpha is 300 miles. By sight, on Google Mars, the distance between Charleston Crater and Kingston Crater sort of overlays the Chryse Planitia to Charleston by about 8 and 1/3 times. Dividing 300 miles by 8.33 I calculate that the distance between these two craters is about 36.0 miles.

I’m on my way… (Hell I’ve got to keep my grey matter churning.)

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