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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Day 21+17 – (AD 1,182) – 18.8 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – Another Change On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 18.8 miles on my Schwinn 170.  My totals – 25,315.7 miles; 40,741.7 kilometers. 

I think I am adding back a 4th day of cycling.  My schedule will be M, W, F and Sunday.  Sunday will be a sort of swing day for cycling; if I do it I do it and if I don’t I will not be worried and bothered.

I have now traveled a total of 414.1 miles on Part V of my Trek.   I have pedaled about 67.9 % of the distance from the Kingston Crater to the Belz crater.  According to WolframAlpha the distance between the two craters is about 130 miles.  

Soapbox –

Do not assume that the outcome of the November elections will go the way you want them to go.  Be logical and make sure that you investigate all that there is to know, that which is being released, about the choice of candidates.

Maybe it is time to realize that the roots that you have maintained all these years, the side of the aisle that you have chosen, may not be as secure as you thought that it should be.  And then again the grass in not always greener on the other side. 

Make sure that you listen and investigate the claims of the candidates of choice.  Supposedly they will represent you.  Your voice and vote translates to their voice.  That is our democracy.

Work continues on our new quilt NPCF.  All-things-being-equal Owl has been delivered to the front porch of its new home in South Carolina.  Check Quilts SB for the complete write-up of our work and effort.

OWL - JS AB - August 2016

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