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Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 33+27 – (AD 1,194) – 19.6 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 19.6 miles on Schwinn 170. Totals = 25,552.8 miles; 41,123.3 kilometers.

I have now cycled 38.7% of the distance between the Taxco and Wabash Craters.

Soapbox –

There was a question whirling around in my head this morning, as I stepped outside with The Pack for their early morning walk and daily rituals.

What is the real reason that I want to make sure that I vote in the upcoming election?

Am I supporting and hope to cast a vote for my choice of the next President of the United States? Yes.

Am I voting because I do not want to see a specific person at the helm of this government? Probably.

Am I considering voting because I am a secure and strong party supporter? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do I vote because it is the right thing to do? Hell no.

Am I casting my ballot because I like the way one specific candidate is able to speak with a clear and resounding train of thought? I do think about that.

Is my vote for the candidate with the better hair-style? Say what?

Am I voting to make sure that the candidate who I consider is my apparent logical choice? Yes.

Is my vote a logical one? I would like to hope so?

Am I voting because of the gender or race of a specific candidate? Definitely not.

Am I filling in the oval circle for the one candidate I consider to be a decent person? This one’s a hard question to answer, but I would hope so?

Do I cast my ballot because I know, I hope, I pray that my choice for an office will represent me? Yes.

Am I voting, either in person or via mail, (one day soon, hopefully, electronically) for that candidate that I think should best represent my own interests? Selfishly, yes.

Do I consider for the best candidate to represent me and my neighbors? That should be a given, but do I really care about my neighbors…across the street, in the next similar community, in that area of town that truly needs support, for the farmer/worker like myself is struggling to make ends meet? I really hadn’t considered that.

Am I voting because I just do not like that other person?

Am I voting because I want to see change?

Or because I like status quo?

Do I really understand the logical and selfless reasons that a named candidate hopes to attain one political office? I bloody-well hope so. If not, I should.

Can I vote with a clear conscience for a candidate who would support and serve all of his/her constituents? I think so.

Can I make a logical and educated choice? If I don’t, bloody well help these United States of America.

#Vote, #jklsmith

House/Studio/Sweat Shop?

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