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Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 194 1/2 – (AD 1,356 1/2) – 0.0 Miles Today – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,


I have both my desktop and notebook PCs back in the house! It has only taken just about 1 month to finally get the issues corrected. Here's hoping. I sort of having to learn how to re-use the functions and programs that I set up in order to help me with my Trek.

In the meantime, I did make it to Lambert Crater on Mars. I have continued on 59.4 miles on my way to my new destination at Denning Crater. The distance between Lambert and Denning Crater, per WolframAlpha is 300 miles.

To date I have covered 3.894.6 miles on Part V of Jim's Trek.

This is my 1,459th post. Per Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this writing, 177,462 Pageviews.

I welcome comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact, email me at Jim’s Trek. (This link is my email address - jsmith58@gmail.com.)

Have a healthy day and smile,


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