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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Day 359 – (AD 1,521) – 25.9 Miles –Jim’s Trek Part V – Mars on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Today I cycled on my Schwinn 170 25.9 miles. Totals now stand at 32,500.8 miles; 52,305.1 kilometers.

My locations is now at 35.84% of the distance to my next goal point.

Soapbox –

There is, of late, news on all sorts of media regarding the Russian cyber-hacking of the US elections. I listened to an NPR interview regarding the elements of cyber-security relating to voting and ballot control.

Currently, that of the telecommunications revolution, it is prudent of organizations, political, government, corporate, and, private to ensure that their systems security is “well-guarded” as is possible. All the latest and greatest security features should be in place.

But one thing that I believe that was not addressed in the talk and interviews as the host and participants were presenting, was the issue(s) of social media and psychological, albeit, warfare.

Could it be a consideration that the cyber-hacking and psychological combat may have been based on hackers using and flooding social media with “fear-tactics” and “lies” regarding the election and the candidates.

Newsweek in their article by Nina Burleigh, January 8, 2018 “Trump Speaks At Fourth-Grade Level, Lowest of Last 15 U.S. Presidents, New Analysis Finds

Would it not be of a logical possibility that when one speaks at such a low level of vocabulary use and comprehension, s/he would more than likely “speak”, at a base level, that would appeal to a lesser educated following and/or “electoral populace”? Or putting it another way, could the telecommunications revolution have allowed for a “slick” and “devious” psychological bullying and fear-mongering?

Quilting – https://quiltsb.blogspot.com/

We’ve decided to redo one of the first quilts that we had done. We’re simply astounded at how far we have come since that time. The top is fine but the quilting design we be doing a completely new redo.

Jim’s Gotta Eat – https://jimsgottaeat.blogspot.com/

Well last night’s supper Thai Chicken Curried Noodle Soup allowed my early morning blood sugar to drop 32 points to 121 mg/dL.

Tracking my foods:

Thai – Chicken Curried Noodle Soup – 121 mg/dL

Asian - Shrimp, Beans, and Chrysanthemum Greens on Jasmine Rice – 153 mg/dL

Mexican – Chicken Fajitas with Rice and Beans – 100 mg/dL

Please note that I am assuming an ethnicity and regional derivative based on the recipes that I may use and/or construct.

Tonight’s supper on tap will be an attempt at a Northern Italian Pasta dish with a Chicken and Peas Sauce.

Genealogy – https://agenealogyhunt.blogspot.com/

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