Jim's Trek V, my exercise journey now on my Schwinn 170 from Tampa to parts unknown...

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 142 ½ – (AD 572 ½) – Jim's Trek Part III – 0.0 Miles – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

No cycling on my Schwinn 170 today. I screwed up on my today scheduled appointments. I usually schedule any and most of my appointments after I take time to exercise and before the early-bird traffic mess on Dale Mabry. But I screwed up. My 11:15 was really at 9:15 even though I entered the 9:15 at 11:15 on my online calendar.

And then I spend my afternoon and evening volunteering at the Family History Center.

I wonder what goes through certain person's brains when s/he is standing at the self-serve seafood salad counter and just have to pick out every shrimp in existence. The sign says "Seafood Salad"

I finally slammed that mosquito that was buzzing and dive-bombing me last night. What a relief. I got to thinking that it was one of the Chimichanga-Chimichurri-Chinkunguya-type carrying mosquitos that have recently immigrated from the Caribbean. Could have been. But I got that sucka! Dead!

Oh and I just drank a Cheribundi Cherry Blueberry drink of which I am expected Dick Van Dyke to break out into Chim Chim Cher-ee.

That's it for today.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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