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Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 143 – (AD 573) – Jim's Trek Part III – 21.5 Miles – Back on the Road Again in Western Australia, I think, on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

And yes it is humid in Tampa.

This morning I cycled 21.5 miles on my Schwinn 170. That now racks up a total of 11, 675.1 miles; 18,789.3 kilometers. And I struggled through 200 sit-ups.

I am, in my virtual Trek at a location, "B", which has not be filmed yet by Google. The road is Marmion Avenue in Western Australia and the above image is the most current 2014 image provided by Google Maps.  Imaging, you know that little cartoon man that you drag to spots on Google Maps, just sort disappears north of Alkimos, a coastal suburb of Perth. Alkimos must have grown some since 2006 when the census reported a population of 0. That’s right ZERO.

Well I knew that my blood sugar count would jump up this morning, no exercise and eating all day yesterday day, and a late supper of Pad Thai and Dan Dan noodles. I funneled in the carbohydrates and the sugar and the snacks. This morning’s reading hit 115, which falls into the “pre-diabetic” range. Well if I was not already diagnosed a Type II diabetic I would just have to pay attention.

I did get back on my Schwinn 170 and I am now 372 days without taking any diabetes-related medications. And there is the Japanese proverb.

Jim’s Trek’s Pageviews recorded right now at 45,682.

Today St. James the Greater is saint of the day. And damn, this saint has to be important. He has seven special recipes listed for him on this July 25 – Apostle Cookies; Coquilles Saint-Jacques; Green String Beans Saint Jacques; Madeleines; Sea Scallop Supper; and Steak and Kidney Pie.

We just received notice in the mail that our “Warhol’s Itch has been selected to be judged at the World Quilt Show – New England and will be exhibited August 14-17 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

I definitely welcome any comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact me at Jim’s Trek.

Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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