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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Day 292 – (AD 1,454) – 21.5 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – Mars on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning something happened, positively I think, to my Schwinn 170. Since Irma there has been something screwy regarding the cycle’s resistance setting. To get a good work-out I had to set the resistance at 25/25. (Yes, I did legitimately pedal each time for 1 hour.) The screw up must have happened when there were the power surges during and after the passing of the storm.

I had tried several re-boots. To no avail. I was looking at replacing the cycle’s control panel. I was tossing between that or getting myself a new fitness cycle. After this morning’s exercise I still have 7,226.0 miles to go.

Well this morning, partial way through my cycling, the resistance, I believe corrected itself. There was no way I could last another 40 minutes at the 25/25 resistance.

I reduced the resistance to 15/25 and finished a total of 21.5 miles. Now it looks like, fingers-crossed, that the computer components somehow fixed itself.

It must have happened when I received the bogus scam telephone call during my work-out. And today I really was soaked with sweat. Maybe I’m not the super viellard I thought I was.

My totals this morning are now recorded at 30,975.6 miles; 49,850.5 kilometers.

I have now completed 65.9% of the distance to my next set goal.

And oh yeah, the telephone call. (One would think that the idiots would learn.)

Land line rings.

Me: “Hello.”

Heavily accented male voice: “This is Senior Benefits.”

Me: “What company?

Caller: “Senior Benefits Insurance.”

Me: “What company?”

Caller: “Senior Benefits!”

Me: “Concerning?”

Caller: “Senior…”

Me, interrupting: “Concerning?”

Caller: “Mother-f#####!”


And of course, a postscript to my short span and idiot-call, yesterday I completed my registration for my Retiree Benefits…without a hitch.

Work continues piecing our newest quilt KES-25. Andy’s comment is that it is the “happiest set of colors” that he has work with in some time.

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