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Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 211 – (AD 641) – Jim's Trek Part III – 21.6 Miles – Almost There On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This afternoon I pedaled 21.6 miles on my Schwinn 170.

I decided to attach my new iPhone 6 as I cycled. The new Health app, provided with the iPhone calculated and converted my pedaling to steps. I cycled for 70 minutes today and as of 3:30 pm the Health app registered 8,117 steps. I’m not sure how to convert the 21.6 miles to the 8,117 steps. (I’ll eventually figure this one out.)

I have now turned west from the Great Northern Highway on to Broome Road. My total miles in Australia, which is Jim’s Trek Part III, is now 4,540.0 miles; 7,306.4 kilometers. I am just about to reach my next destination and goal point.

This morning I woke up late…and I spent the morning teaching grandson the sound a period makes… A period – “.” – sort of like “pwueuet”. I remember Victor Borge’s Phonetic Punctuation.

Grandson and Grandpa spent quite some time laughing… and we had to find the periods on his flash cards.

My blood sugar dropped this morning to 82. Gonna be a good week according to my biorhythms.

I think I have found a stepping stone to the possibility and this is only a maybe...but I think that I may have stumbled on some information that could lead me back to my 10-times great-grandfather Robertson. There is an opportunity and I will be posting my search and research at A Genealogy Hunt. I am checking the info and I have made a possible contact. And I am waiting. That is 4-times more than I have now.

Oh yeah, A Genealogy Hunt does have a new address - http://agenealogyhunt.com/.

Jim’s Trek counted 51,937 Pageviews.

I definitely welcome any comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact and email me at Jim’s Trek.

Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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