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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Day 82+40 – (AD 1,244) – 20.5 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – 1st Day of My 5th Year On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Today is the 1st Day of my 5th year pedaling on my Schwinn Fitness Cycle.

This morning I pedaled another 20.5 miles on the Schwinn 170. My grand totals are: 26,528.4 miles; 42,693.4 kilometers. And I have cycled a total of 1,244 days.

And on Mars, the virtual part of my Trek, I have covered 64.1% of the 610 miles to my next destination and goal point.

Soapbox –

Just who is getting screwed with the half-assed deal set with Carrier? Of course, everyone is quoting every source of media and social media, and the one thing that has me extremely perplexed is when does a simple math equation of 10 minus 9 not equal to 1?

Another question: At what point does the President-Elect actually begin to act on behalf of the American people?

And just think we still haven’t reached January 20, 2017, 12 o’clock noon, and then 4 years of the greatest inane reality show Americans will be privy to watch begins.

All comics will have so much material and snippets for their stand-up shows that, on a second thought, it may pay to become one. Hoping I am wrong, but watch for the increase in membership of the Sturmabteilung.

And fresh from the oven, the bread is singing…

I have updated our site Quilts SB – My Quip – Update – A New Series – The E-20s.  Check out our current work on our next quilts.

ES-20 JS AB 2016/17

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