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Monday, December 12, 2016

Day 87+40 – (AD 1,249) – 20.0 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Of course, the orchids are continuing to bloom. Once one starts another one has to show off.

Today I pedaled my Schwinn 170 20.0 miles. Totals: 26,629.5 miles; 42,856.1 kilometers.

And I have moved closer to my next goal and destination point. I have completed 80.7% of the distance to Crommelin Crater.

Per WolframAlpha the distance from Crommelin Crater to Mawrth Vallis, the valley in the video at LifeScience, I am soon to be within 670 miles.

But of course, that 670 miles is the radius of one hell of a large area covered. And remembering the formula for the area of a circle as A = πr2. So, that would be 3.142 times (670 x 670) or approximately 1.4 million miles2.

Yup, that’s a lot of space.

You know, when I watched this video from LiveScience, Mars’ Mawrth Vallis – Fly Over Where Water Once Flowed - I was truly looking to see if I could recognize any familiar topography…or at least.

Andy and I just received notice that our two quilts Elation and Wings have both been selected to be judged in the Florida Quilt Competition at World Quilt Florida in Orlando and will be on display January 19-21, 2017.

Elation - JS AB - 2016

Wings - JS AB - 2016

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