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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Day 85+40 – (AD 1,246) – 20.7 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I am back to cycling on my Schwinn 170 after a short spell with some sort of stomach bug. Today I pedaled 20.7 miles. My totals are up there at 26,589.1 miles; 42,791.1 kilometers.

Continuing the trail, I have now completed 74% of the distance to my next destination and goal point. I guess I can keep going if I can determine the distance between each of my destination points, thanks to WolframAlpha. Per their calculation, and what has been named thus far, there are approximately 1,012 craters.

Of course, this number does not include the other features that have been named. But it certainly means that I may be pedaling my Schwinn 170 in this virtual world for some time yet to come. And according to Wikipedia, the “impact craters on Mars larger than 1 km exist by the hundreds of thousands".

Our E20 quilts are progressing. All 16 strip pairs are sewn. The width, without border or binding, should be somewhere near 64”.

ES20 - JS AB 2016/17

Follow our progress at Quilts SB.

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