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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Day 97+40 – (AD 1,259) – 20.4 Miles – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Radar, aka Ready, has certainly recovered from his mysterious ailment. He’s almost back to his rambunctious self and he wanted to check out his snake friend outside the enclosed pool area.

This morning I cycled 20.4 miles on my Schwinn 170. I’m now, and continuing to do so, pedaling for 1 hour at a 15/25 resistance at a time. I have almost, except for unforeseen circumstance now exercising 5/6 days a week. My current grand totals now stand at 26,830.4 miles; 43,179.4 kilometers.

And on Mars, that’s that red dot in the sky that is sometimes visible, when you are looking for it, I have cycled 1,928.8 miles. I have completed 14.5% of my Martian goal.

I have now pedaled 21.3% of the distance to my next goal and destination point.

Today my early morning fasting blood sugar count dropped 18 points to 114 mg/dL. Headed in the correct direction even after having a plate full of Amish Onion Patties with Sour Cream and Hot Sauce for supper last night.

Bloody hell I still had my bowl of ice-cream with chocolate sauce.

Yes, I know it is the Holidays but...air-conditioner/heater unit crashed last Wednesday, December 21. Acree Air-Conditioning scheduled repair for last Thursday; a part had to be ordered.

Today is Tuesday, December 27 part has not been received. No air-conditioning or heat for 6 days.

And why do I pay for the "extra-special" service?

The part is a relay switch, something one would expect a firm would have in stock... I have used Acree for nigh onto 10+ years and haven't had any issues. But the normal course of any conversation with their service attendants, from my part, is "No I do not need to keep up with the Jones."

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