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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Days 339 & 340 – (AD 1,502) – 22.6 + 23.5 Miles –Jim’s Trek Part V – Mars on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Still in its glory, one of my orchids was knocked off the plant.

Yesterday morning I pedaled my Schwinn 170 22.6 miles. This morning I cycled another 23.5 miles. My totals are getting closer to my goal. This morning they now stand at 32,030.8 miles; 51,548.7 kilometers.

I reached my destination and goal point at Amenthes Rupes. My next goal point on the Red Planet is Escalante which is only a distance of 180 miles. This morning as I continue I have completed 8.11% of the distance to my new goal point Escalante Crater. According to WolframAlpha there is 180 miles between my two points.

Our Cranes Quilt Update -

The binding is almost complete.

This Cranes Quilt, which began as a lark, no pun intended, is turning out better than we both thought.

The progression of skills are working well as we are just about to start the next one of our Cranes Quilts.

And our next and latest new Cranes Quilt has been designed.

Jim’s Gotta Eat –

Has anyone made or have a recipe for Pannekaker with Prosciutto and Gouda Cheese?

Yes, I attempted to make it for supper.

Early morning blood sugar count at 102 mg/dL today.

And last night's supper was Ham and Shrimp Jambalaya.

Awards –

With the various and many awards shows happening in every niche of the entertainment and political world I thought that it would be a blatant idea to include one for the “best” and “most effective” spam email clutter.

This morning I received a new one. This time from an Austrian “Engineer Eva Sophia Danita” whose focus is “mining raw Gold in Africa”.

And here comes the heart-strings-to-be-pulled-description which has the capability of garnering the occasional sob and the ever so slight tear cascading down my extremely judgmental and supercilious cheek.

Gold Engineer Mrs. Eva Sophia Danita obviously is tremendously harnessed by a number of “heart-tugging” misfortunes.

First, she is “critically sick with esophageal cancer”.

(Whoa is me.)

Second, “10 years ago her(sic) late husband with her(sic) two daughters” were killed in an accident.

(Big heavy sigh of grief.)

Third, Mrs. Eva Sophia’s 10-year-old son “is still a child and does not know anything about live(sp)”, and

Fourth “there is nobody to take care of him after I am dead”, as her (sic) “late husband does not have any relatives, we both grew up in the orphanage home and got married under orphanage as orphans”.

(Is this the point where I now become racked with uncontrollable sobs?)

And here comes the award part of the missive.

Wait for it.

“Please, I am begging you in the name of God”

(Mrs. Eva Sophia appears to have a belief a higher power.)

“to sincerely accept my proposal;"

Wait for it. Read this one with baited breath.

“let me instruct my bank to wire transfer my fund worth the sum of US$ 15,000,000.00 (FIFTEEN MILLION DOLLARS) to your account in your country immediately,”

But wait there is more…

“then you take my son to your home and raise him as your own son.”


“As you receive the fund into your account, you are entitled to take 30 percent and invest 70 percent for my son so that he will not suffer in his entire life.”

Mrs. Eva Sophia Danita is offering me 30% or $4,500,00.00.

And the catch.

I am to “Please reply immediately with your full data if you agree to help me, so that we can arrange the transfer of the fund before anything happens to me because I will be undergoing surgery by coming week, and I do not know the fate of the surgery as the doctor has told me already that I may not survive.”


“Yours Sincerely
Mrs. Eva Sophia Danita

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