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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Day 390 – (AD 820) – 22.5 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – It’s Sunday On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Yes I got on my Schwinn 170 and pedaled 22.5 miles. I have now clocked 17,072.2 miles; 27,475.1 kilometers.

And I am somewhere in Queensland, somewhere on an Unnamed Road, somewhere on a bicycle path, and in a forest, I think, of trees. Only 115 more miles to get to my next destination and goal point. I’m headed in a southeasterly direction. This short leg of my Part III journey seems to be going the longest yet.

Spring must be here… in the Northeast. I just received notice of a Sous Vide recipe for Fiddlehead Ferns. My mouth is watering.

For me New Brunswick is synonymous with Fiddleheads and Black Salmon from the Miramichi. Tonight’s supper, a dish with Chicken and Zucchini.

Oh yeah, my blood sugar this morning was down 9 points to 95.

And for the one who just has so much money that this is a must have. Looks like it may be up for sale again… for only $2,500,000.00

The 007 Lotus Espirit ‘Submarine Car’ sold at Sotheby’s for £616,000, September 2013

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