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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Day 169 – (AD 1,331) – 20.8 Miles Today – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

I getting to despise getting on my Schwinn 170. It must be my age. It must be the season. It must be the temperature. It must be… But I got on anyway. And I pedaled 20.8 miles on my Schwinn. This is the furthest I have pedaled in my 1-hour allotment. Guess I was trying to hurry up and get off. Totals now stand at 28,292.2 miles; 45,532.0 kilometers.

I have now completed 85.0% of the distance to my next goal and destination point on Mars. This one is a beaut of a crater as I guess I am already in the inner part. My goal point is the center.

Supper, the best always – homemade Jamaican Rice and Peas, (Pinto Beans); and Ackee and Codfish. I didn’t use Saltfish as I was too, too impatient, and had a craving. Ackee and Codfish/Saltfish is my most favorite dish…anytime of the day. Period.

My early morning blood sugar skyrocketed with the double servings of supper and then a late-night snack of Triscuit and Liverwurst Sausage. Dang fool. But I just couldn’t stop myself. Oh well, start over again.

I am sick and tired of would be, heel-clicking, uninformed and lack-luster homeowner association self-appointed “agents of doom”.

And WikiHow has a page titled “wikiHow to Become a Dictator”.

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