Jim's Trek V, my exercise journey now on my Schwinn 170 from Tampa to parts unknown...

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Day 173– (AD 1,335) – 20.2 Miles Today – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 20.2 miles on my Schwinn 170. Totals now 28.373.8 miles; 45,4663.3 kilometers.

I have completed 11.5% of the distance to my next destination and goal points.

Our 2 quilts, Wings and Elation will be on display at UQSM - Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace, South Towne Expo Center, Sandy, Utah, May 4th - May 6th.

WINGS - JS and AB - Sep 2016
ELATION - JS and AB - August 2016

Wings and Elation are presented at our site Quilts SB - https://quiltsb.blogspot.com/. Scroll down any page to see their story. Click on the "Q" number to link to their page.

This is my 1,438th post. Per Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this writing, 165,462 Pageviews.

I welcome comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact, email me at Jim’s Trek. (This link is my email address - jsmith58@gmail.com.)

Have a healthy day and smile,


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