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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Day 26 – (AD 931) – Miles – Jim's Trek Part IV – I’m Back On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,
Ugly foot

Well stitches are out. Foot-bottom fine. Masson tumor benign…just a bloody (no pun intended) inconvenience. I have not been on my Schwinn 170 for 16 days. Rest over, healing done.

And this morning I cycled 22.2 miles on my Schwinn 170. I decided to relax a bit. Today I pedaled only 0.9 miles less than I did pedal on the day before the surgery. But I kept the equivalent goal of burning the same number of calories, 666. I have to admit that I had to stop at 70 minutes versus the 75 minutes that I had got up to.

Foot feels fine. Wonder what legs will feel like tomorrow?

This morning I started to cycle where I stopped at Autopista del Centenario, 21840 Niebla in Huelva. I am located in Andalusia at a spot on the road, A-472.

I am just a bit southwest of Castilleja del Campo.

According to my calculations I now have 21.4% of my overall goal remaining. To this date, the 931st day of pedaling on a Schwinn Fitness cycle I have pedaled 19,577.6 miles; 31,507.2 kilometers.

And you know something, I feel good that I am back to pedaling again. I must have created a fixed habit.

And the No-Knead bread making, making habit continues. This morning I baked Loaf #31. 

Thirty-one more to go. I just can't eat them that fast enough to speed up the process. Patience was never one of my explicit virtues. I can say that maybe a secondary effect will be my learning something about taking time to reach a goal. And it all has to do with a loaf, that is, many loaves of bread.

Question today - How does ignorance become, or should I say illicit martyrdom?

I found the definition of martyrdom as "the death or suffering of a martyr. A display of feigned or exaggerated suffering to obtain sympathy or admiration." I do like the second part of the definition provided "...feigned or exaggerated suffering..." And of course I had to look up the definition of "feigned". To be sure, feigned is defined as "simulated or pretended; insincere." The example sentence given is great - "Her eyes widened with feigned shock."

Is this out of the mouth of babes? Hell no. Are there any miracles? Say what? Ignorance of the masses fueled by some misconstrued charlatans and carpetbaggers.

I just have to bite tongue. But why should I? Why should I try and keep quiet when the wolves in sheep clothing are leading the revamped reality cast (my apology for the analogy) of Hee-haw to do their bidding. And hell I better stop here because I truly do no want to allow for Elmer Gantry to pitch his tent in the crusade to make sure that the power originates from ignorance and complete disregard for the legal system.

I just keep wondering if the reversed nobility as they are marched up to their perceived construction of a guillotine are watching the ladies in the front row gleefully knitting their scarves. Purl one, purl two. Let the blade come on down. On whom?

I think that the sub-standard level of education is continuing to part a red sea in this country. The vast chasm between the differences are just continuing to broaden. Our supposed-intelligent elected officials are becoming the ones who are the bane of what will cause this country to continue to spiral into the depths of complete and utter failure.

Okay enough of allowing my head to keep on keeping on when I should be celebrating the fact that I can just be sure that I am still being made and created. This insignificant life of mine is never ever ended nor am I ever content with the learning that I know and tend to lack...but I think I can realize when I ask questions that there are those who truly never ask the questions or are satisfied with a correct and truthful answer.

The puppeteers are out there, and no this is not a focus on any conspiracy, but I guess I would like to put my vote behind intelligence whether I agree or disagree with a component philosophy.

I think that, that is enough of my mini-soap boxing, but I am just getting damn tired and frustrated of persons and politicians, and yes I separate the two into two different categories, who are just plain ignorant and too, too sly to allow their followers to understand the real logic. Period.

This is my 997th post. According to Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this morning, 76,474 Pageviews.

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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