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Monday, January 23, 2017

Day 114+40 – (AD 1,276) – 20.2 Miles Today – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170 and Medicare Saga Continues

Good Day,

This morning, after 1 hour on the phone with Medicare, I decided that my best option was to get on my Schwinn 170. I pedaled 20.2 miles. My totals are now 27,276.7 miles; 43,736.7 kilometers.

On the virtual part of my journey, I have completed 7.9% of the distance to Mädler Crater.

Yes, I was on the phone for an hour plus with Medicare regarding the issue of reclassifying my status from “Disabled” to “Work-Capable” back to “Disabled”. All this to make sure that Medicare understands that I am retired and disabled. Thus far it has been 18 days of telephone calls back and forth and as of yet the issue of an open file, thanks to my auto insurance company State Farm, and an open case from August 2015 which has not been resolved.

Accordingly, the case from a fender bender was not closed correctly by State Farm. And to top it all and I was the one who finally was able to fax over a copy of the closure letter from State Farm which they, State Farm was supposed to do on January 6th. The fax from me got there today January 23, while I was on the phone.

This is the car that hit me August 2015.

But it hasn’t finished yet. Medicare now will be sending me a letter with enclosures of which I will be required to respond to saying that I do not have any lawyer representing me, or any outstanding legal action, or any outstanding settlement due to me. This is to be returned, by fax, with all possible personal details.

Oh yeah, the fax number is a different one from the second one I was given but it is the first one which supposedly had not been receiving the multiple faxes that had been sent since January 6th. (No, I am not confused.)

Once that paperwork has been received by Medicare, making sure that I quote the new claim number, I am to check back in 4 to 5 business days. This is to confirm receipt. I was then advised that the turn-around time is about 45 days. So, I stupidly asked the question what was I to do regarding any issues or visits to doctors, excepting emergency. And that is another story.

I am to accept the provider’s Medicare rejection, and call a Medicare 800 number. I am to provide details of the provider and rejection and to ensure that the provider checks Box 10…

When I asked, what was Box 10, I was told that it may not be Box 10, but I was to be certain to tell the provider to resubmit the claim, if it had nothing to do with an accident, and check “NO” to three specific questions concerning liability, workman’s compensation, and auto no-fault.

And so the saga continues. There are a number of “damns and damnations” welling up inside but I figure that I need to remain calm. I’ve just got to make sure that I have post-its in some semblance of order. And I shall not lose that Medicare fax number. Oh yeah, one positive note I learned how to fax from my iPad.

Supper last night – Kakuni. Instant Pot Pork Belly with Hard-Boiled Eggs with Long Beans and Jasmine Rice. Something completely different and delicious. FBS down 4 points; still up due to remnants of a weekend long flu attack.

Going to try something tonight with Ground Pork and Spinach and Pasta.

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