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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 144+40 – (AD 1,306) – 20.1 Miles Today – Jim’s Trek Part V – On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

Yes, back on my Schwinn 170, and it still has not become a clothes-rack, I pedaled 20.1 miles this morning. Totals – 27,786.5 miles; 44,718.1 kilometers.

And on Mars, I have cycled 2,884.9 miles. I have completed 84.6% of the distance to my next destination and goal point. When I check out my current trail and distance, it is sort of erratic but with determination.

Methinks that I may have got the glucose meters’ thing under control. My FBS count this morning dropped by 17 points. But I’m not doing a dance or singing a song. I still must exercise and watch my diet and drink a lot of water.

Last night’s supper was Roasted Haddock with Green Beans and Potatoes served with a Baby Greens and Artichoke Salad. (Sound like something ordered at a restaurant.) And yes there is haddock hidden under the lemon slices.

Turned out quite good and a possible recipe for the repeatable list.

I have questions – When did politicians go from representing the people who elected them to Office to persons who believe that they, solely have the direct will and wherewithal to be the protectors and guardians of the best interests of themselves and egocentric souls? I do not think that I am too, too naïve and I do understand that flimflam politicians have been around ever since a gavel was invented.

But would it not be, and I know that I am just writing off steam and frustrations at this moment, a good focus for all electorates to add an approval rating system that would immediately throw out those politicians who lie and promise that which they do not deliver on behalf of most persons of whom they represent? Most politicians are liars. Most politicians are conniving farts. Many politicians are simply too, too dumb to understand the magnitude of the jobs that have been entrusted to them. Most politicians are disingenuous, hypocritical, conniving, unscrupulous, power-hungry, narcissistic egomaniacs buffoons.

Et tu, Brute?

I’m not suggesting but, damn, that was good to get off my chest.

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