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Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 436 – (AD 866) – 22.3 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – Still Pedaling On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 22.3 miles on my Schwinn 170.  My totals to date: 18,101.3 miles; 29,131.3 kilometers.  And boring or not I am still going on this 866th day of cycling.

I'm still located, the virtual part, on Bruce Highway at 32223 in Booyal, Queensland.  Google Maps indicate that I am somewhere in a State Forest.

Question - Is the Florida electorate going to remember the gaffes and hypocrisy of our current Governor Rick Scott when they return to the voting booths next time? Oh hell probably not. Tampa Bay Times column PolitiFact Florida: Rick Scott's boast of 'record' environmental funding isn't true.

The Alzheimer's Association predicted a 50% increase 2014 to 2015 for Florida in the Projections of Total Numbers of Americans Age 65 and Older with Alzheimer's by State.

More questions - Why is it that we know that politics, in most forms, is/are a sham but we continue to promulgate with the hope that maybe there may be a fix to the system?  Are the majority of the electorate and the non-voters truly unable to generate a reasonable methodology to manage what they pay in taxes?

Cranes for Hope. Numbers 22 and 23.

This is my 926th post. According to Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this morning, 71,116 Pageviews.

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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