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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 446 – (AD 876) – 22.4 Miles – Jim's Trek Part III – Change of Route on My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

And if I do not feel like getting on my Schwinn 170, I have the sagacity not to get on my Schwinn 170. But this morning, and no virtual pun intended, with the end of my Jim’s Trek Part III in the near Google distance I got on my Schwinn 170 and pedaled 22.4 miles. My totals now stand at 18,327.3 miles; 29,495.0 kilometers.

I decided to switch to the Google Cycling beta mode and I think I added about 9 miles to the distance to my next destination and goal point. I pedaled over this long bridge on Houghton Highway over Bramble Bay.

I am currently located on Nudgee Road in Brisbane, Queensland. Still another 12.7 miles to go to my next destination a goal point.

Just read an article at Pick The Brain by Hunter Nuttall. Hey there’s some synchronicity here…and this leads me to listen carefully for the Twilight Zone theme music. 

Check out the writer’s last name. It’s “Nuttall”. And I was born at the Nuttall Memorial Hospital in Jamaica.

Oh yeah the article is “3 Dangerous Words You Must Stop Saying Right Now”. It’s not fair.

I’m sorry but something is wrong, I’m mounting my soapbox.

Bristol Palin backed by abstinence group after announcing second pregnancy” (San Jose Mercury News, June 26) “The nonprofit Candie’s Foundation, which tries to raise awareness about teen parenthood…we can only offer our support to Bristol and her family…” Say what?


Okay, okay Miss, emphasis on the Miss, and I am not condemning Bristol for being a Miss or for becoming and announcing her pregnancy…but The Candie’s Foundation sort of dismisses and glances over the fact that at 19 Miss Bristol was “enormously helpful” and 5 years later… What the hell? And in 2009 she, Miss Palin received a $262,500 paycheck, recorded by the Foundation as an actual “business expense… for her role as an ambassador…” (Forbes, June 2015)  Is there something about this hypocrisy that I’m missing? Who’s spinning what?

But it is Neil Cole, the CEO and President of Iconix Brand, Inc (parent company of Candie’s) statement

We partnered with Bristol Palin because she is a lightning rod for stories like this… Because of this press, tonight families will be sitting around the table talking about teen pregnancy. If a few teens take action to prevent pregnancy because of this news story, it’s worth it.” 

Hell and damnation. What may be going through any young teenager’s mind may be “I can make a baby and get paid $262,500.”

Hypocrisy of the highest form…in my opinion. Period.

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Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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