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Friday, February 15, 2013

Day 74 – Jim’s Trek – 20.0 Miles – On the Banks of the Ohio River

Good Day,

Today My Trek on my Schwinn 150, another 20.0 miles, takes me close to another town on the banks of the Ohio River, Lewisport, formerly known as Little Yellow Banks. Population is about 1,670. I’m on US Highway 60 and headed in a westerly direction.

And I’ve come to the tremendous conclusion that the marketing and TV advertisements of exercise equipment from corporations are focused on, and yes I am not thick, making a fast buck and keeping the normal human being in a constant state of debt. What I am about to write is not directed at the makers of my Schwinn 150 because I did not have any vision of what I could be if I were to purchase, beg, borrow, or steal my exercise and stationary bicycle. I acquired my Schwinn 150 to succeed at setting myself on a daily exercise routine.

The advertisements seem to be more directed at me as of late, as I have been cycling these past 74 days. I have now lost a grand total of 4.4 pounds. Definitely not the indicated totals, or percentages, as presented by the “I lost 125 lbs” paid model and spokesperson, “in just three months on my new ABC working machine.” And yes I know that there is the qualifying text, which of course is so, so small, and is flashed at a speed of light that by the time that I can focus my eyes it has disappeared off the digitally enhanced, sharp and clear TV screen.

Obviously the whole essence of losing weight is not only one thing. It is a program of a number of fundamental and sensible processes; exercise; diet; commitment, and relaxation. I suppose I could have lost a lot more weight if I starved myself and continued on my daily regime of 20 miles. I find that I am eating more, obviously to return back the calories and carbohydrates that I have sweated off. But I didn’t get suckered in to one of the TV sales pitches. I now have to re-educate myself as to my diet, to eat properly and with a considerable goal intended direction. I guess it just takes me a wee bit longer than the normal person the figure this out.  I think my commitment is in place, next is my relaxation.

I have to wait for On Demand to put up the next episode of Continuum. And so I decided that I would start watching a movie this morning; watching it for the duration of my 20 miles, pause, and then start it up again the next day. And so I began the 2010 movie The American starring George Clooney.

The movie has an immediate start but then slows down. It is at a pace that I can “pat my head and rub my stomach and walk” at the same time. I do like the idea that he, George Clooney, travels a fair bit through rustic, scenic, and quiet parts of towns and country side of Italy. On my Schwinn 150, at times, it feels as if I’m keeping pace with him. And then I paused. To be continued.

Yesterday I bought a bottle of BLK, Blackwater. Yuuch. Looks like flat cola and each time I took a sip I had the mental vision of dipping and refilling my flask into a bottomless, murky, and muddy river. I’ll pass. My apologies to the Doobie Brothers.

I now have about 47 miles to my next Interlake address goal.

Be healthy, and enjoy.


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