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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Day 65 – Jim’s Trek – The Continuum

Good Day,

This morning my Trek on my Schwinn 150 veers to the east at Bowling Green, Kentucky. I am currently, at my 19.5 mile mark on the Louisville Road toward River Place Avenue. Total to date 950.6 miles. There about 71 miles to my next goal… Should do that in about four days.

House next door had a meeting. Wonder why the John-Crows keep congregating on this street?

Last night I had a craving for Shrimp Scampi with Linguini… Didn’t have any linguini in the house but I had all the other ingredients and a half box of spaghetti. Flat versus round, still tastes the same, and even as I am not a pasta connoisseur it tasted quite good… and satisfied my yearning. I was so hungry that I didn’t take a picture of the dish, but here’s what it looked like sort of, thanks to The Family Kitchen.

New series – The Continuum – Law and Order meets Jules Verne’s The Time Machine meets Total Recall meets Judge Dredd. And of course, gang warfare meets terrorists. The year is 2076 and then it is 2012 and takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia. On the SyFy network and kept my interest, and supposedly there are a tentative 23 episodes. Bingo…

Work continues on Blumish Two. 30 of 49 blocks completed. Stay tuned for updates.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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