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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 64 – Jim’s Trek – 19.5 Miles – I’m Looking For My Kentucky Home

Good Day,

On Day 64 I am now have cycled into the State of Kentucky. I am on the Veterans’ Memorial Highway and headed in a northerly direction. I’m just about Johnson Road. This morning my Trek led me through Scottsville, Kentucky.

Today I’ve racked up on my Schwinn 150 931.1 miles.

My stats this morning –

Total Direct Miles to Seattle   To Date TD Miles Remaining   % TD Miles Completed   Interlake Miles Left to Seattle   Weight (lbs)  
3,301.0 931.1 2,369.9 28.21% 5,068.2 165.4

And of course Tampa Fox wants to know… Damn, they don’t miss a thing. Fox Tampa is now asking if the delay at the Superbowl could happen in Tampa at the Raymond James Stadium. Why do they, that is Fox News, believe that Tampa needs to be on par with disasters and pseudo-disasters around the world?

And then they had the audacity to immediately follow with a report that Tampa Electric Company is asking for a rate change. They want more money for the power.

Supper last night was Sous-vide sirloin steak, a scallop of potatoes, and a mix of carrots, onions, shallots, and peas. First time I’ve ever attempted a potato scallop with extremely paper-thin sliced potatoes parboiled in milk and topped with Gruyère cheese.

Today’s episode of Upstairs, Downstairs dealt with a plethora of women’s issues that are touched on in 1939. And then I discovered that a continuation of the new series of Upstairs Downstairs, as of April 2012, was not renewed. Damn! Now I have to find a video companion. Any suggestions?

Working on Blumish Two and Cosmos’ Moon. Interesting work and both different as night from day. Check out our updates at Quilts SB.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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