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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 69 – Jim’s Trek – 20.0 Miles – #9 Interlake Goal Reached

Good Day,

This morning I reached my #9 Interlake address goal in Campbellsville, Kentucky on my Schwinn 150 Trek to Seattle. I also surpassed my 1,000 miles goal.

My Interlake goal is Interlake Lane on the right side of the image.

I made a couple of mistakes yesterday when I announced that I had reached my 1,000 mark. Actually I had only reached 999.2 miles. Whoops. Today with my 20.0 miles I superseded the 1,000 mile goal. My total miles to date, (yesterday I took from another column of my calculations), is now 1,019.2 miles.

Back on the road this morning the location reached is, headed northwest, on Hodgenville Road. I just passed by Social Band Road. I am now on way to my next Interlake address goal, another 146 miles.

And my corrected stats –

Total Direct Miles to Seattle   To Date TD Miles Remaining   % TD Miles Completed   Interlake Miles Left to Seattle   Weight (lbs)  
3,301.0 1,019.2 2,270.4 31.22% 4,968.7 166.6

And again I’m a wee bit confused, which of course isn’t too difficult to do, but when putting my Upstairs, Downstairs DVDs away I discovered that I still had three more episodes. I wonder if there is some type of supplement that I can take to improve my mental capacity. I know now that my biorhythms were at a low point these past couple of days.

In this episode of Upstairs Downstairs there is a strong involvement in pugilism and the involvement and participation by all classes. I never understood the Rocky mentality. But I guess I will have to check into some mental acuity, albeit some brain fitness exercising.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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