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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 79 – Jim’s Trek – Once Again 20.0 Miles – And What Do I Do When The Power Goes Out?

Good Day,

Well today I completed my regime of 20.0 miles, just barely. No, I wasn’t tired nor was I having a blah morning. Our esteemed, tongue-in-cheek, electric company blew a fuse. Someone at TECO must have read my Jim’s Trek on Day 77 expounding the attributes of Battery Day. And I am sure someone at the glorious power company wanted to test my moxy as I depend on electric current for everything including my Schwinn 150. It definitely wasn’t a battery moment.

I was merrily cycling through Indiana engrossed in a Tim Minchin concert at the Royal Albert Hall when the power died. I had cycled 16.0 miles. I still had 4.0 miles to go and I wanted to get to see the whole of Tim’s concert. He’s a tremendous pianist.

And then the power came back on. I completed my 20 miles. I am located on Highway 41 just south east of Oaktown, Indiana.

My miles to date now rack up at 1,230.6 and I’ve had to move that thing that goes in the holes on my belt to the last one. Can’t have my pants falling down.

I did find a Power Electricity Energy Money Saving Box on line. According to the description it is a new-type intelligent electricity saving device adopts the latest and high efficient technique of Germany to save electricity. It saves energy sources efficiently and environment-friendly, stabilizes the voltage, balance the current source, prolongs the life of electric devices. So easy to use, no need maintenance. And it is made in Guangdong China… and it only costs US $5.52. I still do not know what the hell it is and it appears that the comments from the Feedback, those that bought cannot make up their minds. But you can plug it right into a regular socket. My question – If the power company turns off the power how does this thing save electricity? And I can just hear the “just wait” on the K-Tel television advertisement.

And today is Love Your Pet, Pet, Pet, Pet, Pet Day… Of course as each of The Pack reads this I just want to make sure that each knows that s/he is included.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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