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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 71 - Jim's Trek - Reese's Pieces

Good Day,

I think winter has by-passed Tampa this year. The Amarylls are beginning to bloom in the front garden and the oak trees are filling out.

Not sure if this is positive or what, but allowing my mind to be preoccupied with a visual stimulus of a serial on the TV certainly diminishes the boredom of the effort of the actual cycling on my Schwinn 150.

Today I completed another 20 miles. But I haven’t as yet completed it in one hour. I’m still a number of minutes over. My goal is to be consistent at 20 miles in one hour. And yes, I gotta speed up.

Today I’ve made it just past Long Grove Road along Hardinsburg Road. I believe I’m near someplace in Kentucky called Cecilia. I think it is one of those types of places that if you blink you've actually passed on through.

Local Natives performing Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel

My miles to date are 1,070.6, and I’m still going. My belly is still at 38”, 6 inches less of when I started 71 days ago. I won’t tell you my goal in this area, but I’m just wondering if I will ever hit it. Not bad exercise for a 61-year old.

And today, Tuesday, February 12th is Extraterrestrial Culture Day. This celebration is officially acknowledged in New Mexico… you know the place where Roswell is located. But I have a mental issue with this one, not New Mexico of course, but with the fact that it is the celebration of the culture of extraterrestrials. Did I miss the memo that we had finally encountered alien beings? Was I asleep? Who signed up for space being culture? Wonder if this is somehow in tune with Mardi Gras in New Orleans? Just asking.

And I have another quandary. I understand the Red Beans and Rice, Jambalya, Chorizo and Seafood Gumbo for the Mardi Gras table… But what will I serve for an Extraterrestrial Culture Celebration? The only thing I can find is a recipe for an Extraterrestrial Cocktail – equal parts of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Midori Liqueur, Vodka, and High Proof Rum. A couple of these, and I will be cycling to Mars.

Well I’ve traveled through, on my Schwinn 150, the final contracted episode of Upstairs Downstairs. Germany has invaded Poland and I want more of the serial. Guess I’ll go back to my next episode of Continuum.

The top to Blumish Two is now complete, We are now machine appliquéing the navy blue strips to the top. Check out progress at Quilts SB.

Be healthy, and enjoy,


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