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Monday, February 4, 2013

Day 63 – Jim’s Trek – You Would Think They’d Pay The Electric Bill

Good Day,

At the prices and cost of running a Super Bowl one would think that the excuse “The check is in the mail” would have at least kept the lights on during the third quarter. And they are blaming Beyonce… I would venture that all the 60” home flat screens may have been the extra draw. Even the Westmoreland Eagle Stadium was blacked out.

My Trek today has increased 0.4 miles closer to my ultimate daily goal. This morning I cycled 19.5 on my Schwinn 150. And this morning I pass the 900 mile mark; total to date 911.6… and I thought I wouldn’t last.

My location is now just shy of the Tennessee Kentucky state line. I am somewhere north of Westmoreland, Tennessee on US-231 N/US-31E N. My scenery is road and guard rail, grassy hills and trees; a nice quiet road.

And today, February 4th is Liberace Day. Guess I’ll put on my Kicks and sit at the piano…

Last night’s supper was not bad… okay by my standards. Red Thai Chicken Curry with Japanese yams and cabbage accompanied by Oat Rice, aka Groats. Added a bread, tomato, and spinach salad.

This morning Upstairs, Downstairs episode with the pending war with Germany visualized a number of plots of rescuing from the foreboding disaster. One of the embedded stories brought me to quiet tears of thoughts of the cruelty of crazed megalomaniacs.



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