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Friday, February 8, 2013

Day 67 – Jim’s Trek – Almost, Almost, Just About Almost

Good Day,

And today’s miles, another 20.0. Total to date 990.6 miles and still in Kentucky. I’m on the Legrande Highway and have just crossed over Oil Field Road.

I’m somewhere near a place called Horse Cave. I’m 31 miles from my next goal.

Horse Cave, Kentucky



This morning I really did not want to get on my Schwinn 150, and I asked myself the question “Jim, could I just write and not cycle?” I only just asked the question. I did get on my Schwinn and I did complete my 20 miles.

And now I understand the blah feelings. I just checked my biorhythms. All my primary and secondary rhythms are below 0%. Say what? Am I supposed to be feeling all these damn blahs? Guess I’ll keep a low profile.

Supper tonight will be an attempt of a combination of smoked sausage and bok choy. Stay tuned until tomorrow to find if there’s a thumbs up or down.

On this episode of Continuum the bad guys have been harvesting human pituitary glands. Weird. I’m trying to figure out that as the numbers of the bad guys begin to decrease how the series will continue along on its own continuum. Gotta find Episode 4 next.

Be healthy, and enjoy, I think. My Trek continues.


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