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Monday, November 4, 2013

Day 101 - (AD 324) – Jim’s Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.8 Miles - 6,400 Mark Reached On My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today the circus began bright and early. The six-foot-six wallpaper dude, in a 10-gallon hat sauntered up to our front door. "Is this the Smieeeth residence? I'm heah to do y'all 's wall-pay-puh...eeeng". Yup, this is it.

And all the wall connections are pulled. I lose my Internet wi-fi for some time. (And they are back up again.)

But, and but, I did get on my Schwinn 150 this morning. I cycled another 21.8 miles and I burned an additional 680 calories. I'm still maintaining my weight so I guess I can't be used for one of those "sure fast lose all the weight in just three-months when you use the machine three-times a week for just 30-minutes..."

This morning I am located, on my virtual trip, on the US-60 E Highway, just listening to Andrea Razzauti's 2013 Front Street. I have just passed Winchester Boulevard.

In about two days times I should be next crossing the Arizona/New Mexico States' border. Today I have now clocked 6,412.2 miles on my Schwinn 150.

And the orchids at the house are beginning to bloom.

This morning, for my viewing companion while on my Schwinn 150, I decided to watch The Caine Mutiny. It is a wonder that I have never seen this 1954 movie based on Herman Wouk's 1951 novel. Well I guess I was only three years old when the movie was released. I'm not sure if any new installation of television service to Puerto Rico occurred in that year would have carried the "made-for-television" version. Well Part I today, and tomorrow, Part II. And I'm still learning things.

The top to our new RG2013 quilt has been completed. Damn it looks class, traditional but contemporary. We have finished the design of our quilting pattern.  Design work has begun on our new CK's GPS quilt... and I'm working on a new quilt art design of coconuts and frogs. Just a thought, but somewhat compelling and interesting.  Once everything with the construction is finished and done I will updating Afghans SB and Quilts SB.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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