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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Day 114 – (AD 337) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – Another ½” in New Mexico on My Schwinn 150.

Good day,

Another 22.0 miles cycled this morning on my Schwinn 150. And if I hold my stomach in, it has happened; my waist is down an additional ½”. I have now gone from 44 inches to, let the drum roll, to 32 ½ inches. Damn, the last time I saw my waist that size was 32 years ago… This is the first measurement of 32 ½”…and that is a good Damn.

This cycling thing is working for me. I have lost only 6.2 pounds since I started on December 2, 2012.  Not a big deal, but, BUT I have lost 11.5 inches on my waist. And I am cycling, on a stationary bike in a real world, an average of 19.8 miles a day. In the last month, that average has been 21.7.

Doctors’ appointments next week will bring in the new results, and then I will ask myself the where do I go from here question. Obviously I will be still cycling another 1,647 more miles to return back to my home in Tampa, Florida, but I am thinking about what about after Tampa.

Virtually, on my Trek I am located and headed southeast on US-380 E toward County Road C002/Fs 57. I am now 531 miles from my next Interlake address goal destination.

I was recently asked “How have you kept up with your cycling and how have you realized your goals?” My response is that I did not set any actual or physical goals; I set some virtual goals. Jim’s Trek is the goal and the route that has allowed me to realize the real, physical and medical accomplishments. What has happened? The waist size reduction; the dismissal of diabetes; the elimination and reduction of medications for diabetes, heart, and blood pressure have all been a subordinate, but tremendous, achievements of my daily cycling on my Schwinn 150.

My viewing companion this morning is Matthew Miele’s 2013 documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s. I will be watching it on my Schwinn 150 in two parts. As stated at Rotten Tomatoes, “…a fun documentary which ultimately doubles as an infomercial for the Manhattan store.” But in the secret of my cycling, it kept my mind absorbed.

Last night as I was working on our new crocheted afghan, Vanderbilt, I thought that I had inserted a mistake. And so I pulled out half of the work that I had finished on the 5th band. I then discovered that I hadn’t made a mistake. Now double the time to re-create. Quilting on our RG2013 quilt is almost complete. We are learning to allow the freeform use of our long arm assist in the creation of a complimentary quilting design and pattern.  Check Afghans SB and Quilts SB for updates shortly.

Now back to my transcription work and my search for my ggg-grandfather James Smith.  Check out A Genealogy Hunt.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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