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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Day 109 – (AD 332) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 21.5 Miles – Near the Rio Grande in New Mexico on My Schwinn 150.

Good day,

This morning I cycled on my Schwinn 150 an additional 21.5 miles. I burned another 682 calories. Everything seems to be going right but I have to figure out a way to tone up my gut. Yes, I know that I am no longer 30 years old, but at twice that I think there must be a way for me to get “the fitter thing.”

My three month average fasting blood sugar count is 96.68 mg/dL. This translates to an A1c of approximately 5.11%. This means that my A1c result falls within the normal range, even for people who don’t have diabetes. This is not a clinical test. I get that one next week. I wonder how the two will compare?

I am currently headed southeast on US-60 E. The landscape imaging has not changed that much over the past couple of days. Tomorrow I will be passing through Socorro, New Mexico, elevation 4,579 feet, population about 9,000. I didn’t realize that I am that close to the Rio Grande.

And I now have 630 more miles to go to get to my next Interlake address goal.

Isn’t 14% a big number? It is…especially when the other and opposite number is only 86%. Hah!

In the search for the origins of my great-great-great-grandfather James Smith I posted another one of my transcription works yesterday at A Genealogy Hunt. The mystery is where did he come from, or where did my Smith family line originate from before it arrived to Grenada?

And last night, I definitely learned that I must not add plain Greek yogurt to a hot pot. If only I had read the following before I added it to my Calcutta Lobster and Shrimp in Spinach and Yogurt Sauce experiment.

Don't expect it, (the Greek yogurt), to act just like regular yogurt - chiefly, don't bake with it unless it's thinned out and don't heat it quickly or the concentrated milk proteins will separate from the remainder of the whey, never to unite again. Temper it before adding it to a warm dish, and only then, right at the end.

The dish was good but it looked like I had used dry cottage cheese. Oh and by the way, I didn’t have any spinach so I used Swiss chard and tatsoi.

Some secrets revealed on Bleak House.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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