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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Day 125 – (AD 348) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – Miles – 21.9 Miles in Texas on My Schwinn 150

Good day,

Another 21.9 miles on Schwinn 150 this morning. My total miles are now 6,936 miles.

Virtually I am located on US-380 E and I am somewhere in the flat lands of Texas. Well I think they are flat lands cause I cain’t see any mountains, hills, or upgrades of plowed acreages from the Google Maps image.

I have a question due to an advertisement I saw on TV recently. Why does one need Tums to be able to eat one’s favorite food? And of course, I have some more question, especially since the ad had an actor playing badminton with a roasted turkey… Why not coat the turkey, as it is roasting, with Tums? Why not find another favorite food? Doesn’t it make sense to find another way to cook the turkey? And I thought turkey was supposed one of the mildest proteins out there. Why bother suffer and then take something to degrade your inner digestive system? Wouldn’t it more sense to learn to avoid those foods that may or may not cause the supposed irritation?

Today I continued my work and writing of my morning pages at 750 Words. This is definitely a site and application that gives me the incentive and wherewithal that I need each and every day to write, that is, just write whatever comes into my head. Believe it or not this is aside from the writing I do for my sites and blogs and the search and research that I do. Who would have thought that I would just write, and like it, for the sake of writing?

I found a new series that I can watch while I am cycling; The 4400… known as “the four-four hundred.” It is a science fiction series that lasted only four years on television. Everything begins in the year 1946 and continues to the present day, the start of the first episode when 4400 people who had literally vanished, all return back to earth on the day that a comet streaks to Earth. This obviously means that there are a number of sub-plots circling around the main theme. It is just the type of show that I like.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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