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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 187 – (AD 413) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.1 Miles – Follow the Florida Brick Road on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

At 12:45 am this early morning, just before I decided to go to bed, I set outside with The Pack for their final walk. The fog was thick and the saturated trees were dripping on us that I and each of the mini-canines were confused. No rain, just dripping leaves.

I had not seen fog as thick, especially in Tampa, since I was on the road to Grand Manan, New Brunswick sometime back in 1971. That was the time when a young buck deer jumped out from the roadside, landed on the bonnet, and totaled our late 1960s Toyota Corona Mark II.

And now it is late in the afternoon and I have completed a number of errands, and fix-ups. I did complete my cycling this morning. On my Schwinn 150 I cycled 22.1 miles and I burned 701 calories. I also completed another 100 sit-ups. Still not sure if I'm doing them correctly but they are, whatever they are, getting easier to do. At some point my nose will reach my bended knees.

I am beginning the end of the road…the end of the virtual road, the end of Jim’s Trek, Parts I and II. And will there be a Part III?

Today I am located, according to Google Maps at a point on County Road 10/FL-10 E/US-90 E. I am just about southwest of Westville, Florida and I am still in the Panhandle.

I ran out of episodes of Suits on Amazon Prime last night. I finished Season 2. Season 4 begins on the USA Networks the first part of March. But I was able find season 3 on Bright House Entertainment On Demand. One definitely needs a Google Maps to navigate through the crisscrossing television offerings and shows. There might be one already out there in Internetland but it certainly would make choosing and seeking so much easier.

Okay work continues on three projects – Tampa Kaleidoscope, a king size quilt; Warhol’s Itch, a fabric art piece (i.e., our Warhol’s Marilyn remake); and Glowing (aka A-New), a crocheted afghan. Check with Quilts SB and Afghans SB for updates shortly.

Oh and by the way the YDNA matching thing works. My results matched to the almost highest degree possible with a 1st Cousin at 23andMe. Our matching results are 11.0% shared and 24 segments. I will definitely have to spend some time digesting these results. My next close match is a 1st Cousin, Once Removed, 8.40% shared, 20 segments.

Doing quite well on the diabetes front. My fasting blood sugar was at 92 this morning. Tonight I think I am going to retry some recipes that I always do enjoy, Montreal Dry Garlic Spareribs, Hasselback Potatoes, and a Salad. For dessert I am going to try something new, Banana Fritters. Believe it or not even with this warm snap that we're having in Tampa I do feel like cooking.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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