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Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 193 – (AD 420) – Jim's Trek Part II – The Sequel – 22.0 Miles – 8,400.1 Miles on My Schwinn 150?

Good Day,

Today I did it. I reached 8,400.1 miles on my Schwinn 150. And still I will continue… This morning I cycled 22.0 miles. And you know my next goal is, after I have reached my 40th goal point back again in Tampa. I have now decided that I must reach the 10,000 mile mark. Hell, who would have that this youngish but “elder-ish” gent would fix his gaze on such a mission.

This morning for some reason Google Maps has decided to express my coordinates: 30.192321,-84.105148. The map is telling me that I am virtually headed east on Hwy 30 E/FL-30 E/Rte 30 E/SR 30 E/State 30 E/State Hwy 30 E/US-98 E. Why so many 30s? And one lonely 98? Hasn't someone in Internetland realized that the AARP group are map-centric challenged?

The following chart maps my daily mileage, (blue line), and my waist measurement (red line). My waist measurement, since I began cycling on my Schwinn 150 on December 2, 2012, has gone down from 44 to 32 inches.

My belly measurement is now 36 inches down from 48. My next goal is to, without any type of surgery, to reduce my belly circumference down another 4 inches. I know that belly fat is a function of calories one eats and aging. (I read this on the Internet…at the Mayo Clinic site.) And so my strategy is to, through-out Jim’s Trek III to set goals to gradually reduce the extra belly fat.

And of course one can definitely think about synchronicity when I just got an email from The Daily Meal and the first headline is “10 Ways to Make Your Salad Healthier”. What can I say?

And this morning’s Breaking Bad episode delved into each of the five main characters’ “where-am-I-going-and-what-am-I-going-to-do-next?” themes and plot lines. Five intertwined stories as I follow through into Season 4.

My next installment of The 4400, Welcome to Promise City by Greg Cox reveals that Danny’s body is on ice so-to-speak. But the explanation does not make sense.

And I haven’t thought of what I am going to cook for supper tonight.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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