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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Day 4 - (AD 434) – Jim's Trek Part III – 21.7 Miles – Avoca, Australia on My Schwinn 150

Good Day,

Today’s cycling on my Schwinn 150, 21.7 miles. And now I have reached my 8,700 mile target…actually 8,703.4 miles. Converting it definitely looks greater, at 14,006.8 kilometers.

And I completed 80 sit-ups. I actually began doing sit-ups now I believe in a “more correct” way. I checked on wikiHow – How to Do Sit Ups. And obviously I was doing them wrong.

This morning I am located on Sheepwash Road just south of the small town of Avoca in Wingecarribee Shire. I should be coming up, tomorrow, on the Fitzroy Falls Reservoir. I’m still in New South Wales and I am approximately 147 miles from my next goal location.

Yes, I used to teach English. And yes undergraduate degree is Teaching Secondary English. I do speak Spanish and French. I can understand Latin… But I think that I am losing a battle trying to understand Computerese, or should I say the new social media speak. From a September 2013 article on SocialMedia Today, “There are many different types of communications in the world of social media. Textspeak and overuse of abbreviations or slang is not appropriate for every setting. Social media users have to learn the proper time and place for different types of writing.”

I just thought that the above would be appropriate. Eh, RH?

My blood sugar dropped 6 points this morning to 92. I am still keeping those diabetes meds at bay. Supper last night was Egg Drop Soup and a Japanese version of a Chinese dish – Seasoned Rice with Pork and Komatsuna. (I used collard greens.) Check out the Kewpie YouTube video. I am so glad that it had sub-titles.

If you are reading this blog and just so happen to be somewhere along my route in Australia please feel free to drop me a line at jsmith58@gmail.com. Certainly would welcome it.

Be healthy and enjoy,


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