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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Day 122 – (AD 1,027) – 23.5 Miles – Jim's Trek Part IV – #27 Naples, Italy On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled 23.5 miles on my Schwinn 170. Totals are mounting – 21,806.9 miles; 35,094.9 kilometers.

And I reached my 27th Part IV destination and goal point, Naples. Today I am located at Via delle Repubbliche Marinare, 7, 80147 Napoli, Italy.

The 75th No-Knead Loaf went from the oven this morning directly to my lunch plate. This one is a blend of white all-purpose and multi-grain flours.

The multi-grain brand I am using is as product of Deep Indian Gourmet – Multi-Grain Atta of India. The flour includes wheat, soyabean, oat, corn, ragi, barley, jowar, channa dal, and psyllium husk.

The Birds want to return and they want their Malheur Refuge Center in Oregon back...

The 5th strip has been added to our new Elation construction.

Check out our progress on this new quilt and wall hanging at Quilts SBhttp://quiltsb.blogspot.com/

This is my 1,112th post. According to Blogger Jim’s Trek has recorded, as of this writing, 82,870 Pageviews.

I welcome comments or thoughts or ideas. Please feel free to contact, email me at Jim’s Trek. (This link is my email address.)

Be healthy and enjoy your day.


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