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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Day 136 – (AD 1,041) – 23.0 Miles – Jim's Trek Part IV – Sicily On My Schwinn 170

Good Day,

This morning I pedaled another 23.0 more miles on my Schwinn 170. The tabulated odometer now reads 22,127.5 miles; 35,610.8 kilometers.

And today I reached another one of my destinations and goal points, the island of Sicily.

I “pedaled” across from the main land on the Villa San Giovanni – Messina Ferry.

I then continued on another 22.7 miles to where I am located at the Via Nazionale, 479, 98042 Giammoro ME, Italy.

I am totally confused. I truly do not understand the mindset or the devoted ambivalence of the electorate that rise up and cheer the likes of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

Condor Frierdersdorf in his recent article in The Atlantic - "Sarah Palin Defects From the Neocons" (Jan 21, 2016) writes:

"I cannot resolve the contradiction in her views, but praising Rand Paul while endorsing Donald Trump isn’t the sort of thing one does while allied with the neocon right."

I just posted our 138th quilt and wall-hanging, Cosmo's Moon 2.5, information on Quilts SB.

Cosmo's Moon 2.5
JS AB - Sep 2015

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