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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 34 – 12th Day of Christmas – Jim’s Trek Daily Mileage Increased to 17.0 Miles

Good Day,

On this 12th Day of Christmas, we celebrate and feast. Twelfth Night is the night before Epiphany which is the day the three Wise Men, Three Kings, or Magi arrived in Bethlehem. And these 12 drummer dudes are providing a cadence as I increase my Trek on my Schwinn 150 to today’s mileage of 17.0 miles.

My location is somewhere in the boonies in Georgia southeast about 174 miles from Atlanta. I am headed northwest on GA-19 N/US-23 N, the Alma Highway, toward Stream Road. It is about halfway between Alma and Hazelhurst.

Yesterday morning it appeared that there was a fowl gathering across the street. Typically we do not see as many birds, of different varieties, in this area. Yes there are many birds, but not as many flocking and just watching together. And to top it all, it was a bit eerie cause we had just watched Hitchcock’s The Birds, the night before.

Upstairs, Downstairs episode content and theme this morning was the 1926 General Strike. A fair handling of the anticipated attitudes of the classes: upper, middle, servants, and workers. The inserted image is of Tyldesley miners outside the Miners Hall during the Strike.

Max no longer looks like a mini-float from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. He has reached a good 9.8 lbs; down from the 14.8 lbs on his day of adoption. He now is a very svelte looking and healthy little puppy.

And Jim’s Trek continues. Only 2,859.9 Tampa to Seattle miles to go.  Waist measures this morning down on more inch - 39".



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