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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Day 42 – Jim’s Trek – Another Goal – 18.0 Miles

Good Day,

Another targeted goal reached in my Trek. I cycled 18.0 miles this morning; total to date 579.3.

This morning the road location is GA-87 N/US-23 N. Just ahead is a Best Buy Convenience Store at GA-83, Concord Road. I need breakfast. Certainly not one of them there Best Buy franchises…

Two more days and I reach my next Interlake address goal. This will be my 8th Interlake address. If I was cycling directly from Tampa to the 8th address, the Google distance would be a total of 426 miles. Considering the seven previous goals my total mileage for this part of my Schwinn 150 journey will equal 613.3 miles.

And today is Rubber Duckie’s birthday…

Found a new serial to watch in the comfort of my Trek; Thomas & Sarah. This new show is a spin-off from Upstairs, Downstairs. First episode re-introduces the characters. It appears that both Thomas and Sarah are dreamers; flim-flam characters. This spin-off followed four years after the close of the original Upstairs, Downstairs.



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